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Microsoft to release Last Remnant bundle for 360

Bundle to offer savings over separate purchases.


While Infinite Undiscovery had to settle for just a faceplate, Microsoft appears to be making a bit more fuss over the next Square Enix RPG. Last Remnant will be getting its own hardware bundle, the company revealed today.

The Xbox 360 Last Remnant Premium Pack will bundle an Xbox 360 Standard Model (that's the one with the 60 gigabyte hard disc, in case you're confused by all the names) with a copy of Last Remnant. The bundle will also include a couple of bonus items in the form of an original faceplate and a soundtrack.

All that, for 34,800 yen. With the Standard Model 360 costing 29,800 yen and Last Remnant selling for 8,190 yen on its own, this bundle appears to offer quite the savings for new 360 owners.

Those who want to be sure that they have all things Last Remnant will still have to purchase the game on its own. Pre-orders for the Premium Pack will not include the Square Enix X Xbox 360 Trailer Collection disc that will be given away to pre-orders of the base game.

Both the hardware bundle and software-only version of Last Remnant will be available on November 20.

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