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Sonic & The Black Knight announced for Japan

Sonic wields a sword in latest adventure.


If you were tuning in to yesterday's Nintendo Conference event, you might have noticed a Sonic game with lots of wacky kanji after the Sonic name. All the kanji translates to Black Knight. Yes, the game known overseas as Sonic & The Black Knight has at last been confirmed for Japanese release.

Pronounced Sonic to Ankoku no Kishi, this Wii-exclusive entry in the Sonic franchise takes the Blue Blur back in time to the world of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Sonic, summoned to stop some bad connivings by King Arthur, sets off on an adventure as an apprentice knight.

Accompanying Sonic's knighthood is a new "sword action" element to the game. You can now swing the Wiimote around to perform combo attacks with Sonic's sword (yes, he has a sword). That sword can also be thrust at a wall to perform a Wall Slide move.

Sonic's sword looks like it will feature heavily in the new game.

Sonic & The Black Knight will be shown in video form in Sega's Tokyo Game Show booth, where Sonic Universe will be playable on the Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360.

A Japanese release is set for Spring 2009.

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