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Taito shares TGS lineup

Wii and DS take central stage


Taito has shared final details on its program for this year's Tokyo Game Show. The company appears to have somewhat of a Nintendo focus this year.

Four games will be playable in the Taito booth this year. For the Wii, Cooking Mama 2: Oh No!! Mama is Extremely Busy will make its playable debut. Mama will also be in the garden this year as Garden Mama makes its playable debut on the DS. Joining the two Mama games are Space Puzzle Bobble and Rail Seminar.

Stage shows will cover all four games. In addition to a Garden Mama demonstrations, booth visitors can look forward to a Rail Seminar talk event, a Cooking Mama 2 cooking tournament, a Space Puzzle Bobble tournament, and a special live by Taito music group Zuntata.

Check [a href=http://www.taito.co.jp/special/2008/tgs/]the Taito special TGS site[/a] for a full stage schedule, a booth map, and more details on all the games.

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