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Disaster Report 3 set for PSP

Sequel to feature wireless play.


Irem opened up a website today for a previously unannounced all new entry in the Zettai Zetsumei Toshi series. Overseas, this series is known as Disaster report.

The new game is titled Zettai Zetsumei Toshi 3: Kowareyuku Machi to Kanojo no Uta (roughly, "The City that's Falling Apart and the Girl's Song."). While the first two entries in the series appeared on the PS2, this one has pulled the old platform switch to the PSP.

Players take control of Naoki Kousaka, a young man who's come to Central Island where he's set to begin college in the Spring. As his bus travels through an underwater tunnel, the island is hit with an earthquake.

Naoki meets the game's heroine, Saki Honjou, as he attempts escape from the tunnel. Once a nurse at the island's Central Hospital, Saki quit in order to pursue her dreams of being a musician. She was making her way off the island when the quake struck.

The two make their way out of the tunnel and find themselves in a city in ruins, with smoke rising high into the sky and siren's coming from everywhere. Will Naoki and Saki be able to escape from the island?

As with past entries in the series, players are required to navigate environments that are falling apart due to natural disasters. New to the game is a Stress gauge, which rises when there's an earthquake or when someone says something bad to you and falls when you eat, rest, or hear kind words, including Saki's singing. This gauge sits opposite your HP gauge on the game's interface. The two gauges push against one-another, so as your stress rises, your HP goes down, and vice versa.

Outside of the single player story mode, Irem is also tapping into the PSP's wireless play capabilities for a four player multiplayer mode. Details will be revealed some time in December.

Irem has drafted Minoru Watanabe as a supervisor for some areas of the game. This "danger management journalist" is overseeing the creation of a disaster manual which slowly builds up as you work through the game. The manual can be used both as a strategy guide for the game, and as a tool for real-life disaster prevention.

Disaster Report 3 will hit the PlayStation Portable in 2009. Irem opened up [a href=http://www.zettai-zetsumei.com/zz3/info/index.html]a website for the game[/a] today sharing screenshots and character artwork. A movie will be added to the site shortly.

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