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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Echoes of Time official site opens

DS and Wii players can team up in new action RPG


Square Enix opened up a website today for one of the biggest game announcements from last week's Nintendo press conference. Head over to [a href=http://www.square-enix.co.jp/ffcc/eot/]the Crystal Chronicles Echoes of Time official site[/a] for the latest details on the world's first cross platform playable DS and Wii title, along with a couple of movies.

The site elaborates on some areas of the game that were left a bit vague at last week's announcement and also only touched up on briefly in a recent article on the title in Weekly Shounen Jump.

While Square Enix doesn't use the word "co-op" anywhere on the site, this appears to be the kind of online play that's set to appear in Echoes of Time. You can select to work through the story and all quests, dungeons and boss fights either on your own or in groups. You're able to switch between solo and multi mode at save crystals.

When starting off an Echoes of Time game, you create your very own character, selecting from four races in male or female form.

During single player play, you then proceed to an adventurer's guild, where you can select NPC characters who will join you on your adventure. You're free to switch off between NPCs as you work through the game.

When opting for multipalyer play over Wi-Fi Connection, the game offers three types of matching options: world matching, domestic matching, and friend matching. The presence of "world matching" would suggest an international release for the title, even though at present only Japan has a final release date. For the friend matching option, the game makes use of friend codes.

Some form of chat will be included in the title. The site refers to the presence of "chat tools" and shows a screenshot of players selecting pre-set phrases to send to other players. It doesn't get into specifics beyond this.

One of the most notable features of the game is its cross platform play options. Wii and DS will both get versions of the game on the same day. The only difference between the two appears to be that one uses the stylus for controls while the other uses the Wiimote as an IR pointing device. On the Wii, the action is viewed in split screen, mimicking the DS's dual screen output. Players can freely adjust the sizes of the individual screens.

Outside of the cross-platform play, Echoes will share one additional feature between the two platforms: Miis. Details are scarce, but screenshots do show Mii elements appearing in the DS version of the game.

The official site doesn't get too specific with regards to gameplay, so you'll have to come to your own conclusions based off the gameplay videos. Anyone who's familiar with Rings of Fate, the last Crystal Chronicles DS title, should recognize the mix of puzzles, combat, and giant bosses.

New to the game is water-based play. Water will feature in both the puzzle areas of the game and in combat. That's right -- you'll have to fight while swimming!

Echoes of Time will be released to both the DS and Wii on January 29. Both versions will sell for 4,800 yen each.

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