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Agenda planning Whac-a-Mole game for WiiWare

New download-only title set for November.


Agenda announced today a new WiiWare game based off Whac-a-Mole, or as it's known here in Japan, "Mogura Tataki."

Titled "Tataite! Mogupon," the new game has players use the Wiimote as a virtual hammer to strike appearing moles. While some stages have moles appear from the ground in classic whac-a-mole fashion, other stages have moles flying at the player and popping up from behind asteroids.

Three main modes of play are on offer. The Mogura Adventure is a two player co-op mode offering stages set in a variety of environments, including jungles and space. The Tokoton Mogura Tataki mode is a progressive score attack mode for single players where the number of moles and their speed increases as your score rises. Finally, the Everyone's Battle mode offers four player simultaneous play.

Make sure you strap up for this one!

The game will offer limited Wi-Fi connection support. Players will be able to take part in national rankings.

Tataite! Mogupon hits the WiiWare in November at 500 WiiPoints. Further details on the game will presumably be available in the future at [a href=http://agenda-game.com/products/mogpon/pre/]the game's official site[/a], which is currently in teaser form.

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