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New Wii Dance Dance Revolution set for Japan

Konami to put title on display at Tokyo Game Show


Konami announced today a Japanese release for a Wii game that was announced earlier this year overseas as Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party 2.

While the new title's predecessor was known in Japan as Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party as well, the sequel will carry a more Japanese name: Dance Dance Revolution Furu Furu Party.

This new entry in the long-running dance series makes use of both a dance mat and Wiimote, making players move their full bodies around. The title also includes Mii support, with your avatar serving as your digital counterpart as you dance.

Wiimote and dance pad compatibility means you'll have to move your full body around.

Furu Furu Party will be on display in playable form at the Tokyo Game Show, which kicks off for the press tomorrow and for the general public on the 11th.

Use your Miis in this latest DanceDance.

A final release is set for December 18. Konami will sell the title solo at 5,980 yen and in a bundle with a dance mat for 7,980 yen.

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