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Game Republic brings board games to PS3

Four games announced under Board Game Republic label.


Game Republic announced today that it will be bringing titles under its Board Game Republic brand to the PS3 and other systems.

The fun starts with a PlayStation 3 adaptation of the popular German board game Catan. Set for distribution on December 18 through the PlayStation Store, the PS3 version of the game will offer both solo play and online multiplayer play for up to four.

Three games will follow in 2009. Shadow Hunters, set for March 2009, is a detective battle game that takes place in a forest. Owners Choice, set for Summer, is a money-based board game where players buy and sell stocks in four companies. Trick & Treat, set for Fall, is a new type of card-based game.

While Catan is a PS3 title, Game Republic lists the platform for the three other titles as "TBA," but also notes that they will be released as multiplatform games.

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