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TGS 2008: Live from the John Schappert keynote

An MS exec is speaking in Japan. What will he say?


Following a Japan-centric keynote address from CESA chairman Yoichi Wada and discussion panel featuring Wada (in his day guise as Square Enix's president), Capcom president Haruhiro Tsujimoto, and Namco Bandai COO Shin Unozawa, the Tokyo Game Show forum will be changing languages as Microsoft VP John Schappert takes the stage for a keynote titled "A Canvas for the World."

I have no idea what Schappert is going to talk about, but based off the notes handed out to the press ahead of the speech, Resident Evil 5 and Star Ocean 4 footage will be shown. Will there be other revelations as well that will help Microsoft maintain the momentum from the 360's victory over the PlayStation 3 last month in hardware sales?

Check this space for a live blog as Schappert gives his speech. Schappert will take the stage at 11:55am Japan Standard Time.

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12:49 -- And so to does this blog... see ya later! (possibly at the Sony press conference which may or may not take place in a few minutes).

12:48 -- And with that, Schappert's keynote comes to an end.

12:48 -- He closes off the presentation by thanking the Japanese development community for the inspiration.

12:47 -- Schappert takes the stage and announces that Halo 3 Recon is a prologue to the events of Halo 3 and will feature in addition to a new campaign, new multiplayer maps.

12:45 -- New hero, new campaign, prepare to drop Fall 2009.

12:45 -- "Halo 3 Recon," finishes the trailer.

12:44 -- I didn't see the first part, so I have no Idea what's going on... sorry!

12:43 -- He shows the second part of the recent teaser video.

12:42 -- Schappert takes the stage, recaps Halo's success, and says that they're not quite done with the Halo story yet.

12:42 -- He shows a quick clip of a new enemy you'll fight in the game, The Flood.

12:41 -- The demo comes to an end.

12:37 -- They move onto the gameplay demonstration starting with a cinema scene.

12:36 -- He's giving a backdrop on the game.

12:35 -- He invites Graeme Devine, lead story writer, on to the stage to show off Halo Wars.

12:34 -- Now, moving on to the Halo franchise.

12:34 -- The new Xbox experience will hit on November 19, launching worldwide.

12:33 -- Ben leaves the stage.

12:32 -- This shows the best of the best from across the network -- anything on the service that's popular and new.

12:32 -- He now shows a Spotlight Channel.

12:31 -- We saw pretty much all of this at E3, I think.

12:31 -- You can now browse the Marketplace visually.

12:31 -- He jumps to the Marketplace.

12:31 -- The game details pages has full details about games, from information to specs to even screenshots.

12:30 -- He moves on to the new games channel.

12:30 -- The themes extend into the background... they're actual 3D themes rather than just plain backgrounds.

12:29 -- Says they're taking themes to the next level.

12:29 -- Now themes.

12:28 -- He moves on to a demonstration of the main Xbox dashboard, showing off the new gamer cards.

12:27 -- They're demonstrating avatar creation, switching outfits. There's a mirror behind your character as you try on clothing so that you can see what you back looks like. Cute.

12:26 -- He calls out a Mr. Ben Vought to demonstrate the new Xbox dasboard.

12:26 -- The big fall update is done, he says, and he has it right there with him on the stage.

12:26 -- He says they're going to share the new Xbox 360 experience for the first time ever.

12:25 -- He announces that there are now more than 14 million members online with Xbox Live.

12:24 -- Over 1000 creations submitted so far, he says.

12:24 -- He then turns to Xbox Live Community games.

12:23 -- You can also switch seamlessly between 3D graphics and 2D.

12:23 -- Features 2P online and co-op play.

12:23 -- The full name is R-Type Dimensions.

12:23 -- Schappert introduces it as, "as someone who grew up in arcades, this next game is a real treat."

12:22 -- Next, a trailer for R-Type!

12:22 -- KOF is set for Spring 2009.

12:22 -- KOF 98 Ultimate Match is also on the way.

12:22 -- He also announces Metal Slug 7.

12:22 -- Both titles will hit in the winter.

12:21 -- Includes 120 stages, online co-op, and versus mode, as well as HD visuals.

12:21 -- Taito will also be bringing Arkanoid Live to Live Arcade.

12:21 -- Oops.. make that Extreme with an E.

12:21 -- He announces Space Invaders Xtreme.

12:20 -- First, Taito...

12:20 -- Now he's moving on to Xbox Live Arcade.

He's going to announce new classic titles.

12:19 -- Schappert says it will take full advantage of the 360 in terms of visuals and online features.

12:18 -- Fall 2009, coming to Xbox Live, the trailer says.

12:18 -- It's for Tekken 6!

12:18 -- A trailer is shown...

12:18 -- One more legendary franchise coming to the 360 family.

12:18 -- He makes another big announcement.

12:17 -- It's being developed by Q and Feel Plus

12:17 -- Schappert now announces Ninety-Nine Nights II.

12:17 -- Schappert returns to the stage as the best trailer in the history of the world comes to an end.

12:16 -- Wesker can even dodge bullets!

12:15 -- Wesker is definitely strong, just as the producer said in a recent Famitsu interview.

12:15 -- Oh hell yeah... they show an awesome fight sequence between Chris and Wesker!

12:14 -- Midway through the trailer, they get to the beheading cinema scene that started off the E3 demo.

12:13 -- There's a lot of dialogue and story in this trailer.

12:11 -- Now, Schappert switches to action games, first with a new trailer for Resident Evil 5.

12:10 -- North American release will be on March 3.

Europe and Asian dates are not set.

12:10 -- February 19, 2009 is the Japanese release date for Star Ocean 4... I think that's new.

12:09 -- This is another all English trailer, so it presumably wasn't made for TGS.

12:07 -- He's moving on to talk about RPGs. After mentioning Last Remnant and other RPGs, he turns to Star Ocean and shows off a trailer. Again, it starts with a US-based rating.

12:06 -- He expects consumers to spend a total of one billion dollars on Japanese games on the Xbox 360.

12:05 -- He notes that 360 has seen a five fold increase in sales in Japan following its price drop

12:05 -- "My message for you today is that we believe Xbox 360 is the platform best equipped to help Japanese developers achieve success on a worldwide basis."

12:03 -- He offers praise for the three speakers before him, then says how, when he was a kid, his hero was Miyamoto.

12:03 -- He first reminds everyone that Last Remnant will hit on the 20th exclusively on the 360.

12:01 -- Schappert takes the stage.

12:01 -- Hmm... if I'd skipped the Wada keynote and the following panel, I could've played Last Remnant and written impressions about it.

12:00 -- I'm not sure if the trailer is new or not... it's all in English, though, with no subtitles, and it even had an American rating before it, so I presume it's something that was prepared by MS America.

11:58 -- The Schappert session is starting, first with a trailer of Last Remnant.

11:40 -- I'll be back in fifteen minutes... will you?

11:33 -- Still waiting for the panel discussion to end. Tsujimoto, Unozawa and Wada are speaking with some dude from Nikkei BP (the same guy that conducted the session a couple of years back where Kutaragi announced the PS3 price drop) about a variety of issues facing the games market, starting with potential effects of the financial crisis.

I'm going to log out until Schappert is actually on the stage.

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