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Penguin no Mondai game conversion detailed

Coro Coro Comic manga hits DS this December.


Konami shared today details on its DS adaptation of Yuji Nagai's Penguin no Mondai, a popular Coro Coro Comic manga.

In this battle adventure game, players take control of young penguin Bekam Kinoshita, who must search the mystery-filled Penguin Island for "interesting penguins." Once defeated in battle, Bekam can use parts from these penguins to assemble the ultimate penguin.

Fans of the series can look forward to appearances by familiar characters like Naoto Yamada and Yumi Matsui.

Another Coro Coro conversion.

Outside of a single-players story mode, Penguin no Mondai will include a wireless battle mode. Players will be able to make use of their customized penguins for battles in which they can freely set their stage, time limit and winning conditions.

Different types of penguin: Ninja, Old Man, and Robot

A release is set for December at 5,250 yen.

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