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Macross tops Media Create charts; PS3 drops to 5,000

Xbox 360 continues ahead of PS3.


There was mixed news for Sony in the latest sales charts from Media Create. For the week covering October 6 through October 12, Bandai Namco's Macross Ace Frontier for the PSP took the top software spot as two older PS2 titles continued to sell well enough for a top ten placement. In hardware, however, both PSP and PS3 continued to fall.

Ace Frontier debuted in first place at 103,676 as the only new entry to make it into the top 10. Media Create reports a high sell-through rate of 75.73% for the title, which is the first Macross game since the 2003 PS2 adaptation that drew great attention due to the involvement of Sega's AM2 arcade division in its development. That title sold 79,000 units in its first week.

Pokemon Platinum (Pokemon, DS) sold another 85,880 units and is closing in on the 1.7 million mark. Below it, Rhythm Heaven (Nintendo, DS) sold 48,992 units. With a slight push (Nintendo is still marketing the title heavily through commercials), it could end up crossing the million mark next week.

The rest of the top ten had Dynasty Warriors 6 Special (Koei, PS2) at 47,633, followed by Super Robot Taisen Z (Bandai Namco, PS2) at 23,194, Wii Fit (Nintendo, Wii) at 16,466, Mario Kart Wii (Nintendo, Wii) at 9,523, Jikkyou Powerful Major League 3 (Konami, PS2) at 8,196, Dragon Ball Origins (Bandai Namco, DS) at 8,134, and Band Brothers DX (Nintendo, DS) at 7,729.

Outside of the top ten, Kamiyo Gakuen (Idea Factory, PS2) debuted at 30. Cute Puppy DS 2 (MTO, DS) debuted at 34. Railway Girl DS Terminal Memory (Taito, DS) reached 36 in its first week. Will 'o Wisp: Easter Miracle (Idea Factory, 41) debuted at 41. None of these crossed the 5,000 sales mark, according to Media Create.

While hardware was slow across the board, the PS3 and PSP figures are of particular interest, as, during the reporting period, both were due for revisions. For the PSP, whose PSP-3000 model hit retail yesterday, the system dropped to 23,901 units, still good enough for second placee. Above it was the DS Lite at 31,914 units. Below it, the Wii managed 22,877 units.

The PS3, whose 80 gigabyte Gran Turismo 5 Prologue bundle was announced during the middle of the sales period, was at the bottom of the charts with 5,734 units. The Xbox 360 sold 7,763 units, with the PS2 selling 6,982 units. The 360 has beaten the PS3 every week since its September price drop.

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