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PSP-3000 tops 140,000 in first week -- Enterbrain

System sees seven times sales spike.


The release of the PSP-3000 appears to have given Sony's portable gaming business a major boost at retail. Famitsu.com, citing sales figures from its parent company Enterbrain, reports first week sales totals of 141,270 units for the hardware revision following its release on the 16th.

The firm did not provide breakdowns across the various color and bundle variations. Sony released the system in Piano Black, Pearl White, and Mystic Silver variations, both as standalone units and as part of Value Back bundles that include a four gigabyte Memory Stick and other accessories.

In addition to the 141,270 units for just the PSP-3000, the older models of the system combined to give PSP hardware total sales of 155,720 units for the week covering 10/13 to 10/19.

This total figure represents a huge boost for the PSP, which in the past few weeks has been hovering between the 20,000 and 25,000 marks.

Total domestic hardware sales for the PSP stand at 10,357,481 units, according to Enterbrain.

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