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Q updates PixelJunk Monsters with Trophies and YouTube

Free update hits later this month.


Q Games announced today a free update for PixelJunk Monsters that will add a number of new features to the critically acclaimed realtime strategy title.

Major changes include Trophy support, YouTube upload support, and system music support. Trophy support comes in the form of a new Trophy Challenge Mode which, based off the screenshots handed out by Q today, appears to feature at least 14 challenges.

Other changes include adjustments to game balance and tower parameters, and difficulty settings.

Trophy and YouTube support were previously featured in Eden, but are new to Monsters.

The update will be available later this month.

This is the second time the PixelJunk series has been in the news recently. Late last week, Q announced a campaign that will give buyers of Eden, the latest entry in the series, a free download for Racers, the first entry in the series. That campaign will end on November 4.

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