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Overturn: Balance Wii Board battle game

Studio Zan unveils its new WiiWare game.


Following the opening earlier this week of a teaser home page, Studio Zan has at last unleashed full details on its new WiiWare game, Overturn.

In Overturn, you take control of a battle machine and face off against other machines on the battle field.

The big catch here appears to be that you can control your mech with the Balance Wii Board, with your changes in balance making your mech move. It's presumable that the game will also support more standard controls.

The title includes both single player and multiplayer modes.

In single player mode, you work through a story told from the perspective of different characters, earning new weapons that can be used to customize your machine. This mode takes place over a variety of stages and puts you up against a variety of rival machines.

You'll encounter a variety of characters, mechs, and battle stages in the single player mode.

Multiplayer offers both local and remote wi-fi play. Local play lets two players battle it out in split screen, with the game even allowing you to select your split screen type between vertical and horiztonal. Wi-fi offers play for up to four. In addition to actual online matches, you can take part in rankings.

Multiplayer includes split screen for offline play, full online battles for up to four, and a network ranking mode.
Tournaments and a matching mode should make for some enjoyable multiplayer battles.

Look for Overturn on the Wii Shopping Channel this November. Final pricing has yet to be announced.

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