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Logicool plans Gran Turismo 5 online event

Win a Driving Force GT even if you suck at driving!


Looking to get your hands on one of those fancy Driving Force GT wheels without forking over the required 17,800 yen? Logicool is giving top drivers a chance to earn the peripheral through their driving skills.

The company shared today details on the Logicool Super Lap 2008 tournament, which makes use of the Spec III release of Gran Turismo 5 Prologue. This time trial event takes place over three weeks. Each week has players race through a different course under different regulations.

Logicool has some high end prizes for the winners. Each week's top placer will get a Driving Force GT, Cordless Media Board Pro, Cordless Vantage Headset, and an HDMI cable. Second place will get the wheel, a Vantage USB headset, and a USB keyboard. Third place will get a PS3 Cordless Precision controller, and an HDMI cable.

Even inexperienced drivers have a chance to win. Every week, Logicool will chose five people in a drawing involving all the participants. These five will get a Driving Force GT.

The tournament kicks off on the 10th. Entry information will be posted to the GT5p official site by November 4.

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