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New character for Knights in the Nightmare

Latest secret for those with Yggdra Union.


Sting unveiled today the latest secret bonus for Knights in the Nightmare.

Those with the recent DS strategy-RPG as well as a copy of its Game Boy Advance predecessor Yggdra Union can access the bonus. Simply play Knights in the Nightmare with the Yggdra Union cartridge plugged into the system, and Fushigi Majo Pamela (Mysterious Witch Pamela) will appear at a certain point in the game.

Like the last secret bonus, which saw the queen from Yggdra Union appear in Knights in the Nightmare as a navigator, Pamela is a character from Yggdra. You'll be able to give her a key item on the battlefield to make her into an ally character. She's then used like a priestess unit.

Sting didn't provide specifics on when or where she would appear, but did say that the meeting point would be different depending on the player.

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