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DSi Special Part 3: Iwata Asks

The latest in Nintendo's Ask the CEO features is all about the DSi


Timed nicely with the impending release of the DSi, Nintendo has posted its latest The CEO Asks column at the Touch-DS.jp website. This one is super long, split into three parts covering hardware, internal softwoare, and my personal area of interest, the web browser.

The main channel is home to a few English language summary articles about the Nintendo features. Here are some links for the Nintendo fan who needs to know:

These are, like the source material, pretty long, so here's a quick recap of the major points:

  • The DSi was originally scheduled to include two cartridge slots. The interview is a bit unclear, but this appears to be two slots for DS carts rather than a DS slot and a GBA slot like the older DS models. The idea was tossed due to size problems, but Nintendo actually got close to making a prototype of the hardware in this configuration.
  • The camera was the first thing planned for the DSi. Originally, there was a suggestion that instead of including two separate camera units, the designers should include one camera with some sort of rotation mechanism.
  • Development on the DSi started in latest 2006. Specs for a chipset were done by February 2007
  • The SD card slot is something that was open to debate initially. However, Shigeru Miyamoto said that he wanted it included.
  • Iwata is particularly happy about the improved sound with the DSi
  • The DSi has reset functionality. You can tap the power button to send the system back to its menu interface. Games can be switched out there without powering off the system.

Be sure and read the articles on the main channel for the full recap.

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