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PSP, Pokemon top October

New hardware model release pushes system back into first after three months.


PSP and Pokemon took top place in sales for October, Mainichi.jp reported today, citing sales data from Enterbrain.

The Enterbrain data, released on October 31, covered September 29 through October 26. The PSP-3000 unit was released right in the middle of this, and helped boost total monthly sales for the portable to 266,000 units.

Prior to the PSP-3000's release, PSP sales had been lagging far behind the DS and often below the Wii. Thanks to the new hardware, the system managed first place for the first time in three months. Mainichi also notes that sales drops at some retailers for the 2000 series hardware also helped to push sales.

Famitsu.com also detailed the top software for the month, also citing Enterbrain stats. Pokemon Platinum was tops for the second month in a row, this time selling 311,636 units for a total of 1,793,361 units. Shin Sangoku Musou 5 Special took second with 194,891 units in its first week. Rhythm Tengoku Gold closed in on a million units with 163,338 units this month giving it 967,831 total sales. Wii Music and Macross Ace Frontier also debuted this month, respectively at 140,979 and 133,777 units.

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