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DSi sells 170,000 units -- Enterbrain

System sells out.


Enterbrain shared today initial sales totals for the new DSi hardware. The third generation of the DS platform, already the number one selling system of all time in Japan, sold 170,770 units in its first two days of sales, pretty much guaranteeing top placement in this week's hardware sales charts.

Nintendo may have been able to reach higher numbers had it produced more units. Enterbrain reported an 85% consumption rate for the system. Considering pre-orders that weren't picked up and the decision by some retailers to hold some units off until the system's third day of sales, a holiday, and this figure represents a sellout.

The DSi's chief competition this holiday season, Sony's PSP-3000 revision, sold 141,270 units in its first few days of sales following its October 16 release. This figure, also from Enterbrain, covered four days.

Total domestic DS sales, covering December 2, 2004 to october 26, 2008, have reached the 23,624,419 mark, Enterbrain-published Famitsu.com also reports.

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