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Konami earnings rise as Metal Gear Solid 4 tops 4 million

Kojima hit is top selling category of software for firm.


Konami shared today its second quarter financial results, covering April 1 through September 30. Thanks in part to Metal Gear Solid 4, sales and earnings were up for the firm.

Revenues for the period reached 146.9 billion yen, up from the 133.7 billion yen of the same period last year. Operating profit was also up, from 13.0 billion yen to 22.8 billion.

A good amount of the advances for the period were in the company's game software business. Known as "Digital Entertainment," this area of Konami's business made 93 billion yen for the quarter and 26.3 billion yen in operating income.

Metal Gear Solid 4 had a major role in the bottom line for the Digital Entertainment business. The title has shipped over 4 million units since its release midway through the term, Konami revealed.

The company also noted "solid sales" for sports, music, and quiz games, as well as multi-player arcade machines.

Unlike the second quarter of last year, where Japan was by far the dominant market for the firm, this year saw a more balanced split across all territories. Japan and North America both accounted for 4.05 million units of software, with Europe adding 3.49 million units. Overall, Konami pushed 11.75 million units of software worldwide over the quarter, up from last year's 7.84 million.

Metal Gear was the biggest category of software, accounting for 4.33 million units. This compared to last year's 0.51 million units for the series. Games flagged with "Other" accounted for 3.16 million. Below these were soccer at 1.83 million, and music with 0.92 million.

The year also represented a change in platform dominance for the firm. While PlayStation branded titles still dominate, PS3 was the major player this year, accounting for 38% of all Konami software sales compared to last year's 1%. PS2 was second this year with 18% compared tih the 39% last year. Wii jumped up to 17% from last year's 8% while PSP took 11%, down from last year's 18%.

For all of 2009, Konami expects 330 billion yen in sales, up from last year's 297.4 billion. Operating profits are expected to reach 45 billion, up from last year's 33.8 billion. In its Digital Entertainment business, the company expects 200 billion in sales and 43 billion in operating income.

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