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Sega planning arcade gaming event

Finals of Virtua Fighter 5R tournament to be held.


Sega is bringing pack its Asobinasai event after a year hiatus. Next year, the demo event will return as the "Yappa Asobinasai," a name that can be roughly translated (minus all Japanese play on words) to "Of Course, Play Festival."

Set to be held on March 14 and March 15 at the Tokyo Fashion Town Building in Odaiba, this event will focus on Sega's arcade titles. Attendees will be able to sample the firm's latest arcade cabinets and also take part in tournaments and events for three particular titles: Virtua Fighter 5 R, Dinosaur King, and Sangokushi Taisen.

Poster for the VF5R tournament.

Of particular note is Virtua Fighter 5 R, which will be featured through the final round of the Virtua Fighter 5 R national tournament, Kakutou Shinseiki V. Preliminary rounds will be held from November 29 through January 25 at 600 amusement facilities throughout the nation. Regional finals will be held from January 31 through March 1. The top players from the regional round will take part in the Yappa Asobina Masturi finals.

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