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Square Enix holds hardware present campaign at e-Store

Win Xbox 360, PS3, PSP, and iPod


Square Enix's e-Commerce site, the Square Enix e-Store, kicked off today at noon a year-end promotional initiative that could reward patrons with some high-end game equipment.

The site's Winter Present Campaign will be held until January 31. Anyone who purchases goods from the store over this period can enter to win one of 100 prizes that include five Xbox 360 60 gigabyte systems, five PS3 80 gigabyte systems, five PSP-3000 Value Packs, five iPod nano 16 gigabyte units, and 80 500 yen gift certificate cards.

All entrants will get 100 Square Enix Members points.

The Winter Campaign banner

For further details, access the Square Enix e-Store directly.

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