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Dissidia Final Fantasy PSP hardware bundle revealed

Yoshitaka Amano cover design for bundle version of game.


Square Enix offered a first look today at the limited edition version of Dissidia Final Fantasy. As previously announced, this version, formally known as the "Dissidia Final Fantasy FF 20th Anniversary Limited" edition, combines the upcoming Final Fantasy themed action-fighter with a PSP-3000 system.

The Dissidia Final Fantasy Box and system.

Similar to the hardware bundle that Square Enix prepared for the launch of the PSP-2000, the Dissidia bundle will feature a specially designed system and ship in a deluxe box. The system is based off the current PSP-3000's Pearl White model, but features a Dissidia logo on the front and artwork for Chaos and Cosmos, two in-game characters, surrounding the UMD drive door's ring on the back. The box is white and black to match the color scheme of the system.

The front and back of the special PSP-3000 model. Note the Dissidia logo below the face buttons.

Outside of the box and system, purchasers of the limited edition will get a special package for the game itself, featuring artwork from Final Fantasy artist Yoshitaka Amano.

This Amano-designed package will be used exclusively for the hardware bundle.

The bundle will be available on December 18 simultaneous with the standard game-only version. Pricing for the bundle is set at 25,890 yen. The game-only version will go for 6,090 yen.

Dissidia Final Fantasy is meant to be an anniversary title for the Final Fantasy series. The game features villains and heroes from all Final Fantasy games in a cross-over battle game.

Screenshots of Dissidia Final Fantasy, released today by Square Enix.

Coinciding with the hardware unveiling today, Square Enix updated the Dissidia official site with a trailer of the game that was shown in its Closed Mega Theater at the Tokyo Game Show. Those wanting the latest look at the game should check there.

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