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Square Enix brings Lost Winds to Japan

Critically acclaimed western WiiWare platformer set for December.


Hot on the heels of the recent announcement of its tie-up with a North American developer for the development of a new real time strategy game, Square Enix announced today another western tie-up, this time involving WiiWare.

The company will be publishing Frontier Developments' WiiWare title Lost Winds in Japan. The North American version was released back in May to strong reviews.

Lost Winds offers a 2.5D gameplay experience, mixing 3D visuals with 2D gameplay.

Lost Winds introduces players to a young boy named Toku and a wind spirit named Enril. You make use of Enril's wind power, manipulated with the Wiimote, to help Toku defeat the evil Balasar.

Square Enix will release Lost Winds on WiiWare in December at 1,000 WiiPoints.

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