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Toro Station Marathon: Part 2

Toro and Kuro head to Kokugikan and ask Ouji Hiroi to make a PS3 game!


For part 2 of their 24 hour run through Tokyo, Toro and Kuro made their way from Nihonbashi, where they'd encountered the Patapon family, to the Kokugikan. Who would they meet there?

Starting out in Nihonbashi.

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Of course, we all know the guest for this particular segment, as Sony released a schedule in advance. But during the actual marathon, Sony is playing it dumb, probably in order to surprise the people who don't keep up with the gaming news.

Following a bit of travel around the Ryugoku area, location of the Kokugikan (this is where many of those sumo matches take place), the segment's guest appears: Ouji Hiroi of Red Entertainment!

Hiroi: "Congratulations."

Toro and Kuro: "It's Ouji Hiroi!"

Kuro: "Sakura Taisen's general producer"

Toro: "Release Sakura! Release it on the PlayStation 3!"

Ouji: "Ha ha ha"

After sharing a profile of Ouji, Toro and Kuro ask Hiroi if he plays Mainichi Issyo. He plays it every day, he days, referring to it as a great play tool. The cats blush at the priase.

Kuro asks Hiroi to explain what a producer's job is. He explains that it's to make it so that everyone can work hard on the product.

"We'd like someone like that for Toro Station too," says Kuro.

Toro asks Hiroi to name the production he best remembers. Hiroi responds that the only franchise he's ever truly produced is Sakura Taisen, so that's the only response he can give.

"As a next generation creator," says Kuro in reference to himself, "I'd like some hints on how to make interesting games."

"It's simple," says Hiroi. "Make every day of your life interesting."

Asked if he's caught up in anything right now, Hiroi mentions plays, shows, taking pictures, calligraphy, and cooking for himself.

Just as he is about to leave, the two have one more request: "Make games on the PlayStation 3!"

Hiroi's response is that he'd do it if asked. However, there's nothing that he himself wants to make. As he explains, he's the type who starts getting ideas when he's asked to do something.

"We'll have to leave this to SCE's bigwigs," says Toro.

Hiroi gives them his autograph, then leaves.

Next up for Toro and Kuro is Asakusa, where they'll meet...

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