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Monster Racer dated, purchase bonus detaield

Delayed racer now arriving in January.


Koei shared today a new final release date for Monster Racer. The delayed racer will now arrive on January 22, 2009, carrying the usual DS game price of 5,040 yen.

Monster Racer is a hybrid monster raising and racing game. Players travel the world making friends with partner monsters, whom they then race against other monsters on 2D fields.

In addition to the release date, Koei shared details on a purchase bonus for the game. Buyers will receive a special monster atlas, detailing all the information on the in-game monsters.

Artwork for Monster Racer, Koei's new hybrid monster raising and racing game. The title was originally schedule for a December 19 release but was delayed early this month.
Travel the world to find monsters for 2D races.

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