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Metal Gear Online MEME Expansion dated, combo pack confirmed

More MGO later this month.


Konami shared today a final distribution date of November 25 for Metal Gear Online's MEME Expansion. Pricing for the PlayStation Store download is 1,200 yen.

The next Metal Gear Online expansion hits on November 25. Order early to make sure you start playing on that date!

First shown at the Tokyo Game Show, MEME Expansion follows GENE Expansion as the second expansion pack for Metal Gear Online, the online component to Metal Gear Solid 4 that's included with that game and can also be purchased separately. As originally detailed, the expansion includes Forest Firefight, Winter Warehouse and Silo Sunset stages, along with Mei Ling and Liquid Ocelot characters. Players also gain access to new avatar parts for their characters.

New stages, from left to right: Silo Sunset, Winter Warehouse, Forest Firefight
Liquid Snake and Mei Ling, playable in MEME Expansion.
New avatar parts

MEME Expansion will be downloadable exclusively by those who've already purchased GENE Expansion. Simultaneous with the MEME release, Konami will be offering GENE & MEME Expansion, a combo pack featuring both expansions. Pricing for this is set at 1,500 yen.

To avoid bandwidth issues on release day, Konami will begin early sales of MEME Expansion and the combo pack on November 18. The MEME content will not be accessible until the 25th.

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