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Senkou no Rondo DUO location test announced

Sample fighter/shooter hybrid over the upcoming long weekend.


G.Rev has shared details on the first location test for its upcoming arcade shooter, Senkou no Rondo Dis-United Order.

Those wanting an early sampling of the title should add a trip to Akihabara to their schedules for the upcoming long weekend. The game will be playable at the Tatio-run Hey facility in Tokyo's electronics district from the 22nd through the 24th.

Your first chance at Senkou no Rondo could come this weekend if you can make it out to Akihabara.

Senkou no Rondo DUO is a sequel to a unique hybrid shooter/fighting arcade title that was later brought to the Xbox 360. The game was first shown at at the Amusement Machine Show in mid September where it was said to have been in a 15% completion sate.

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