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Konami updates Action Deka with Hong Kong stage

New boss and actions await.


Fans of Konami's motion-based arcade game Action Deka can head out to arcades today for a new rev of the game that adds a new stage, a new boss, and some new moves.

Action Deka is a combination action, driving, and gun shooting game. Using a unique motion sensing controller, players alternate between shooting at on-screen enemies, steering a car, and punching foes.. The game's story surrounds tough-guy Jake and smart-man Luke taking on a mysterious criminal organization.

New to the game with the update is a stage set in Hong Kong. Waiting at the end of this stage is Lee, a police officer who longs to be an action star and will even pose for the camera during the middle of an investigation. He's been brainwashed into a bad guy and faces off against Jake and Luke here as a boss.

Also joining the game with this update are a couple of actions: bike action and plate-toss action. The former involves riding on your bike while avoiding obstacles and firing away at enemies. The latter has you use the motion controllers to toss plates at your foes.

New bike action move
New plate action move
Lee, the boss who longs to be an action hero

This update follows an August update that added a stage in Tokyo's Minato Ward harbor district, a boss character called Zaemon, and a new "Taiko Action" move.

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