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Furyu's first two games detailed

You'd better have your stuff together for Raymond Chandler.


Back in May, Nikkei reported that print seal maker Furyu would be making DS games. My archives don't go back prior to June, but back then the main channel had a story with the following.

"Nikkei reports that FuRyu is looking to release one or two games by February or March 2009. One game may end up being a detective adventure game where you solve mysteries as a detective. The other may end up being a love simulation targeting 20 to 30 year old girls."

Those two games have just been announced. The detective game is definitely there, but I'm not sure about the love simulation, unless there's something romantic about a girl who's destiny is to be a sniper.

Here's a quick look at both titles.

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First up, Last Bullet. This is the game that is presumably meant to be the love sim. It's described as a mystery adventure game which tells the story of a bishojo (look it up!) called Karin Hibiki who's destined to be a sniper.

The game is split into two parts, an adventure part and a mystery part, both putting you in control of Karin.

During the adventure part, you move about the game world, solve puzzles, and advance through the story. The game is split into multiple scenarios.

The Last Bullet adventure part

Each of the game's scenarios has a mission part. During these, you get to play sniper in sequences that apparently depict the shake of Karin's gun based off her tension level and breathing. The result of the mission has the potential to change the rest of the scenario.

Sniping during the mission parts

Character designer for Last Bullets is Jyu Ayakura. Check out this slick artwork:

Here's a list of characters that have been revealed for Last Bullet so fars:

Karin Hibiki
A first year student studying international culture at Aobai International College, she's good at sports and shooting. Both her father and mother died, leaving her depressed for a while, but now she's become bright and positive thanks to her surrounding friends. That's when she comes face to face with her destiny as a sniper.
Daiki Sakai
Sairin's friend since junior high. He actually developed feelings for her, but the two ended up advancing to different colleges. His parents are divorced, and he lives with his mother.
Tsukasa Sakuam
A young teacher at Karin's school who's jsut returned from overseas. He's cool, and doesn't say unnecessary things. In addition to being a teacher, he has another important job, something that's related deeply with Karin.
From left to right, Karin, Daiki, and Tsukasa. No, I don't know why the backgrounds are green.

Next, the game that I'm pretty sure is the mystery game: Saraba Itoshiki Onna Yo. The Japanese translates to... well, actually this is the Japanese name for the Raymond Chandler classic "Farewell, My Lovely." Here's a fun fact. The Japanese refer to this particular genre of novel and movie as "hard-boiled." You can seriously say, I'm going to read a hard-boiled tonight.

As with the book, the game puts players in control of Chandler's hard-boiled protagonist of choice Philip Marlow. The game's story follows the book, right down to Anne Riordan as a heroine, but also offers all-new developments selectable by the player.

Marlow (left) and Anne (right).

Gameplay makes use of the stylus for investigations as you tap points of interest directly. In addition to visual clues, you'll find vocal clues through radio broadcasts and police communiques.

A unique art style for this adaptation of the classic Chandler novel.

The full name of this title, by the way, translates to Classic Detective Adventure DS Raymond Chandler Farewell, My Lovely. Presumably FuRyu is planning on a series of Chandler titles.

To FuRyu: "Don't screw it up."

Both Farewell, My Lovely and Last Bullet will be released in Spring 2009, in line with the original Nikkei report.

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