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Hori opens pre-orders for Real Arcade Pro.3 SA

PS3 stick revision uses Sanwa Denshi parts for buttons.


Hori kicked off pre-orders today for a revision of the PlayStation 3 installment of its Real Arcade Pro series of fighting sticks.

The new stick, Real Arcade Pro.3 SA is a followup to the original Real Arcade Pro.3 stick, first released back in 2007. The main change for the revision is that Hori now uses Sanwa Denshi parts for the controller's buttons.

Everything else remains the same, down to the lever and button layout. The stick offers rapid fire and hold functionality and connects too your PS3 via USB using a 3 meter cable.

The stick will be offered exclusively through Hori's e-commerce site HORISTORE.com. Pricing is set at 10,000 yen. The product will be available on December 18.

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