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Tales of Hearts: Curry Edition

Another video game to food conversion.


Forget the CG edition! Forget the anime edition! The real Tales fan will probably be seeking out Tales of Hearts Curry Edition in early December.

Namco and my favorite named convenience store Circle K Sunkus are teaming up for what will likely be another crappy video game to food conversion. Tales of Hearts is getting a limited edition real life Mapo Curry item to coincide with its December 11 release.

This bowl of Mapo Curry will be available exclusively at Circle K Sunkus shops fro two weeks starting December 9. One bowl runs 500 yen.

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Tales fans will, of course, recognize the Mapo Curry item as a food item that appears in the game. Apparently, Circle K Sunkus teamed up with the TOH team to determine the taste and texture of the food and to come up with a design for the package.

I've never tried Mapo Curry. I assume it's like Mapo Toufu, which I absolutely love, but with a Japanese curry taste, which I absolutely hate.

It will also have being convenience store food as something going for it (yes, convenience store food here in Japan is pretty darn good) but it will have the curse of video game food conversions past as something going against it (I still feel sick just thinking about the terrible Yakuza noodles).

Even if the food has a 50% chance of sucking (that's two things each for and against it, in case you weren't keeping track above), Tales fans will probably want to put down their 500 yen at least once. Circle K Sunkus is holding a promotion that will reward one lucky buyer with a special Digital Photo Frame -- one of those frames that plays back pictures off your SD card. This frame has special Tales of Hearts designs:

The frame will come with an SD card featuring a Tales of Hearts slide show set against background music from the game.

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