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Roll gets cleaning minigame in Tatsunoko Vs Capcom

Four mini games revealed in latest update.


For round 3 of its six week Tatsunoko VS Capcom character promotional campaign, Capcom has provided profiles for and a look at the mini games for four additional characters Different from last week's update, all four of this week's characters are shared between the arcade and Wii versions of the game, although the mini-games are Wii-only.

The four characters for this update are Kaijin no Souki (voiced by Toshiyuki Kusuda), Roll (Hiromi Igarashi), Tekkaman (Katsuji Mori), and Karas (Daichi Endo).

Four characters in this latest update: from left to right, Kaijin no Souki, Roll, Tekkaman, and Karasu.

As with all characters in the Wii version of Tatsunoko VS Capcom, these four will have one individual mini-game each. Here's a look.

Daigoji no Shitou
This mini-game is for Kaijin no Souki, the Shin Onimusha Dawn of Dreams characters who's also known just as Souki or by his proper name of Hideyasu Yuki. The mini-game's name translates roughly to Fight to the Death at Daigoji, with Daigoji being the name of a Kyoto temple. Players swing the Wiimote in order to make Souki slash at incoming Onibi (fireballs or ghosts, depending on who you ask). There's no time limit, but if you miss three times, the game ends.
Roll-chan no Daisouji
The name for this mini-game for Mega Man character Roll translates to Roll's Big Cleaning. You take control of Roll in an overhead view and clean up stains from the floor.
Warudo Star Enban Daishuurai
This game is for Tekkaman, who joins the game from the Tatsunoko Productions side. Players shake the Wiimote to make Tekkaman accelerate and toss his Tek Lancer. Your goal is to slash through as many "warudo" discs as you can.
Karas, also from the Tatsunoko side of the game, has a mini game called Zan Nureonna, which literally translates to Slash Wet Woman. Nureonna is the name for a creature with the head of a woman and the body of a snake. Taking control of Karas as he flies through the sky, you'll have to slash away at oncoming Nureonnas. Your goal is to get the most points under limit of time.
Daigoji no Shitou, Kaijin no Souki's mini-game
Roll's Big Cleaning, Roll's mini-game
Warudo Star Enban Daishuurai, Tekkaman's mini-game
Zan Nureonna, Karas's mini-game

Next week's update will feature two Capcom heroines, Morigan and Chun-Li. From the Tatsunoko Productions side, we'll get a look at Gold Lightan.

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