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Sony starts Yuusha no Kuse 2 download content

One story available, two more on the way.


Sony Computer Entertainment began offering paid download content for Yuusha no Kuseni Namaikida 2 today. Owners of the PSP sequel can access the content through the PlayStation Store.

The first piece of content is titled "Maou no Inai Hi," which can be translated as "Day Without the Demon King." Tasked with security detail on the demon king's son, players face off against nine heroes across five stages of play.

Pricing for this first download is set at 300 yen. Downloaders will need to have at least 778KB of space on their Memory Stick.

A new initiative for Sony and Acquire's critically acclaimed PSP puzzler.

Sony also gave preliminary details on upcoming download content for the game. The second download story, "No More Christmas!" will arrive on December 18 and will feature 16 heroes across 3 stages. The third story, "Watashi ha 'Shouta'" ("I am 'Shouta'") will hit on January 22 and will feature 13 heroes across 7 stages. These will also be priced at 300 yen and will require storage of, respectively, 1,017KB and 784KB.

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