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Cyber Connect 2's Hiroshi Matsuyama to speak at Kyushu event

Artwork for the PS3 version of Naruto to be focus of lecture.


Cyber Connect 2 CEO Hiroshi Matsuyama will be sharing insights into game development at a seminar next weekend at Kyushu University.

Matsuyama will be speaking at the Kyushu Game Jyuku: Kyusu Game Creators Circuit event. This second installment of the event will take place on November 29 at Kyushu University's Nishijin Plaza. Matsuyama's session will run from 13:30 to 15:00.

Cyber Connect 2 is working away on Naruto Narutimate Storm for the PS3 as one of its key titles. Not surprisingly, this is the subject of Matsuyama's speech, whose title translates to "Extremely Cinematic Next Generation Action: Artwork for PS3 Naruto Narutimate Storm and Beyond."

See the GFF (Game Factory's Friendship) website for details on attending.

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