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Sega shares unlock code and campaign info for Sakatsuku

Unlock new players, win signed goods!


Coinciding with the release of Takatsuku DS Touch and Direct, Sega released today the first round of bonus unlock codes for the game and also shared details on a promotional campaign.

The bonus codes, accessible under the "特集" (features) section of the game's official site give you access to a number of useful items, including two year and three year contract extensions (the two listed at the bottom of the page), and faciliites for training your players in the forward position (the three above those). But perhaps the biggest update is at the top: a code to unlock former J-leaguer Jouji Jou.

Input the codes (left) to get new items, players, and more (right).

Once you have your codes of choice, you can input them into the game by selecting SETTINGS (at the bottom right of the main mode screen), then "BONUS CODE" (next to the calculator icon), then punching in the code digits into the 12 slots.

Sega will be adding new codes in the future, so Sakatsuku fanatics should check back at the official site periodically.

In addition to the bonus codes, Sega also kicked off today a special present campaign which can win soccer fanatics paraphernalia signed by Yasuhiko Okudera and Kunishige Kamamoto. Anyone can participate in the promotion. See details in the information section of the official site under the 11/20 date.

Anyone can take part in the campaign for goods from Yasuhiko Okudera and Kunishige Kamamoto.

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