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Sega details 428 promotional plans

Billboard and raffle campaigns kick off on December 1.


Chunsoft's latest digital novel 428 is set to hit the Wii in just over one week. Today, Sega detailed its promotional plans, which include billboards and a series of raffles.

Things start on December 1st. From that day until the 15th, Sega will be placing billboards throughout the Shibuya area. these posters are a collaborative effort between the 428 game and its theme song, Sekai ha soredmo Kawari ha Shinai, which is set for release in single form on December 3.

Those hoping to see the billboards should look around in the Center-gai shopping area near Shibuya Station. Nine billboards will be placed in seven locations focused mainly in this area.

The first will also mark the first of several raffle drawings at Sega's GIGO amusement facility in Shibuya. Anyone can take part in the raffles. Prizes for winners include a 428 demo and a t-shirt, but all participants will get a 428 tote bag. The raffle will also be held on the 4th, 6th, 7th, 13th, and 14th.

428 will see release on the 4th.

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