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Overturn set for December 2

A new way to use the Balance Wii Board, next week.


With the last Tuesday of November already gone, it shouldn't come as a surprise to learn that Overturn won't be making its November release time frame. Today, however, publisher Studio Zan ended all speculation with a final release date for the game: December 2.

Overturn is a competitive mech battle game for WiiWare. Players customize their mechs and face them off against opponents, both CPU and human-controlled. The game includes both split screen and online play and even offers control support through the Balance Wii Board.

As previously disclosed, the game will sell for 800 WiiPoints.

Coinciding with this announcement, Studio Zan has updated the Overturn official site with a couple of wallpapers which players can use to show their anticipation of the impending release.

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