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GungHo shares Chou Aniki and Mimana Iyar Chronicle dates

Two PSP titles arrive early in the year.


GungHo Works shared release dates today for two of its early 2009 PSP titles, Chou Zero Aniki and Mimana Iyar Chronicles.

For shooting fanatics, Chou Zero Aniki will hit the PSP on March 19. This latest entry in the risque shooter promises a return to roots for the series. Pricing is set at 6,090 yen for the game's standard version and 7,140 yen for a limited edition version.

At the opposite end of the spectrum is Mimana Iyar Chronicle. This fantasy RPG, which originated on the PC from Kogado Studio, will now arrive on February 26 at a price of 6,090 yen.

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