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From announces Ninja Blade release date and soundtrack

Early january for original Xbox 360 action game.


From Software shared today a final release date of January 29, 2009 for Ninja Blade. The game will carry a 7,140 yen price.

First announced just prior to the Tokyo Game Show, Ninja Blade is an "cinematic action" game for the Xbox 360. Players navigate Tokyo's high rises as they use their ninja skills against monsters.

Ninja Blade screenshots, distributed today by From Software.

Joining the release date, From is giving the Ninja Blade website a full update. The site now offers a streaming version of the game's TGS 2008 trailer. From is also promising updates on gameplay systems, characters, and more for tonight.

The TGS trailer will also be available starting today on Xbox Live Marketplace.

Those who can't get enough of Ninja Blade will be able to immerse themselves in the game through a new soundtrack, which was also announced today by From. Produced by Gem Impact's Norihiko Hibino, who's known for his work on the Metal Gear series, the soundtrack includes 27 tracks on two discs, both of which have color picture labels. The soundtrack will also come with a color booklet featuring exclusive Ninja Blade concept visuals. This is set for release on February 4 through Gem Impact, with distribution through BounDEE. Pricing is set at 3,045 yen.

One song from the soundtrack will make it out in advance of the full release. Ninja Blade's main theme song, Beanstalk, which was produced as a collaboration with Yuki Koyanagi, will be distributed worldwide on iTunes and various ring-tone sites starting 12/24.

To the left, the bonus DVD for sampling the game at upcoming demo events. To the right, the upcoming Ninja Blade soundtrack.

Finally, From Software shared a reminder about a series of Ninja Blade demo events, which kick off tomorrow at select retailers. As previously reported, participants in any of these events will walk home with a special Ninja Blade DVD.

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