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Cram school manager arrested on DS piracy charges

Second arrest in less than one month.


According to a release from the Association of Copyright for Computer Software (ACCS), police in Ehime Prefecture today arrested a 57 year old man from the city of Imabari over alleged copyright violations surrounding Nintendo product.

The arrest was over the sale of a CD-ROM with a copy of Super Mario World and a micro SD card with a copy of Pokemon Platinum. The 57-year-old man, whom ACCS reports runs a cram school, shipped these two products to a man in the city of Matsuyama on October 3.

The ACCS report states that the man was using Yahoo Auctions to sell "Cyclo" and "Edge" variations of so-called "Magicon" cartridges, which are devices used to play pirated games on the DS. The man was charging 8,500 yen for bundles containing a Magicon device and a microDS or CD-R with URLs and other information for downloading copied game data.

After an investigation, police discovered that over a one year and seven month period from May 2007 to his arrest today, the 57-year-old man made over one hundred shipments to over 20 regions within the country, resulting in sales of about one million yen.

Police discovered the man's activities during online patrols and went through ACCS to contact the related copyright holders. Today, police conducted a search of the man's home and seized four computers, 5 Magicon devices and a number of shipping receipts.

ACCS reports learning through its own investigation that those who purchased Magicon devices from this man positive left review notes such as "My children are happily playing away."

ACCS states that this is the third domestic arrest regarding sales of Magicon devices and DS pirated software. The second came just last month, with the arrest of three in the Kyoto area. That incident was widely reported in the mainstream press.

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