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Character creation, jobs, and more in latest Dragon Quest IX update

Information slowly coming out on March 2009 sequel.


Square Enix offered today its latest look at Dragon Quest IX. The topics for this new update are character creation, jobs, and an in-game location that will prove central to your play experience.

As previously disclosed, DQIX differs from past DQ games in that players can build up their very own character design. Customization options include gender, body type, face type, hair style, hair color, skin color, and eye color. You select from a variety of pre-set types for each of these areas.

Sample character results.

One thing is retained from past DQ games: you finish off your character creation work by selecting a name for your warrior.

In addition to all the physical properties, you're free to set your character's job. As with most RPGs, your job, or class, determines the type of weapons, attacks, and defense available to your character.

Today, Square Enix shared a look at five classes, all of which should be familiar to experienced RPG players.

Strong and capable with weapons. Makes use of a variety of sword skills to battle enemies. Speciality is ability to equip strong weapons.
A specialist in attack spells. Can wipe out enemies with powerful magic. This class is weak and thus cannot equip heavy weapons like warriors, but it makes up for this deficiency by equipping magic clothing with a variety of mysterious effects.
A specialist in healing and first aid. Can heal the wounds of those hurt in battle. Has ability to some extent with weapons and can equip spears and other such weapons.
Martial artist
Strong and speedy. Not as strong in defense as a warrior, but has the ability to take out monsters even with bare hands and can further attack strength by equipping weapons such as claws.
A job that offers speed as well as the ability to find treasure. Can make exclusive use of the "Steal" skill.
Martial artist

While the character you control is your own creation, you'll be relaying on a few pre-set characters to get you started on your adventure. You gather fellow adventurers in Ruida's Pub, a familiar facility from past DQ games, which here serves as your base of operations. Ruida, the blue-haired pub owner, introduces you to pre-created allies.

These pre-set creations can be modified only in changes to equipment. You're free to set equipment in eight locations: weapon, shield, head wear, upper body wear, gloves, lower body wear, footwear, and ring/accessory.

Those who want more options for their allies can select to go through full character creation as well.

The pub where you find allies. Ruida, Rika and Roxanne (left to right) await behind the bar.
When using Ruida's creations, you can modify the resulting character exclusively through equipment changes. Those who want more control can bypass the recommendations and create a character from scratch.

Ruida works in the pub alongside two other girls, the brown-haired Rika and the blonde Roxanne. Their duties are currently unknown.

Square Enix appears to have these Dragon Quest IX updates scheduled periodically. The next update will offer a look at the character growth system.

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