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Nintendo brings Fortune Telling Channel to Wii

Free channel offers advice on life and love.


Nintendo updated the Wii with its latest Channel today. Wii owners now have access to the "Kyou to Ashita no Uranai Lucky Channel." The name translates to "Today and Tomorrow Fortune Lucky Channel."

As the name should suggest, this channel is focused on luck and fortune telling. Wii owners can register up to six Miis with date of birth information and get their fortune told daily.

Starting up the new channel (left). The main interface (right) with the four modes of play selectable at the bottom.

Five main areas of play are included:

Today's Fortune, Tomorrow's Fortune
Friendliness Fortune
This mode offers compatibility rankings for two Miis. On days that your compatibility ranking is high, it's encouraged that you eat and play together. On days that your compatibility is low, the mode will tell you when you can expect the ranking to rise again.
Food Guide
This mode offers three key words to describe recommended food genres and ingredients for the day. Sample words include "Rice," "Japanese Food," "Fried," and "Fish." Nintendo expects people to interpret the keywords differently and come up with different food ideas. The results change depending both on the day and on the Miis that you select to include in the fortune telling.
Play Guide
Similar to the Food Guide, this mode offers three keywords regarding recommended play style for the day. Sample words include "Sports", "Racket," and "Net." Using these three key words, you and your family and friends can come up with activities. As with the food guide, the results change with the day and depending on the Miis that you've chosen to include in the fortune telling.
Beauty Guide
This mode gives three keywords on how you can improve your luck. Sample words include "Hair," "More than usual," "Cleaning," "Hand," "Beautifully," and "Window." You'll have to determine what the resulting words mean.
Competitive fortune ratings for at most six Miis (left). Getting specific rankings for love, work, studies, communication, and money (right).
Players are given suggestions for food, play, and life in the form of three keywords. Nintendo expects players to have different interpretations of the meanings.

Coinciding with the release of the channel, Nintendo has set up a Japanese introduction website for the various modes of play. According to the site, the fortune telling part of the Channel was supervised by a company called Media Kobo.

The 82 block channel can be downloaded from the Wii Shopping Channel right now at no charge.

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