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Pre-launch: Fallout 3 VS 428

West versus East, Xbox 360 versus Wii... I have nothing better to write about.


We begin with a couple of pictures:

On the left, a banner for 428, the latest visual novel from Chunsoft. It recently scored four 10s in Famitsu.

On the right, a banner for Fallout 3. The Xbox 360 version didn't get four 10s, but it did get close.

[end_preview /]

Both titles arrive on the 4th. Both have, as you can see, billboards plastered around Shibuya (although 428 outnumbers Fallout 3 here -- I've only seen a couple of Fallout signs compared to the 9 for 428).

Both are also getting television spots.

Here's a spot for Fallout 3:

Here's a spot for 428:

As with the signs, the 428 commercials appear to be far more visible. I managed to spot that Fallout 3 ad late, late, late at night.

So which game will win the big 12/5 software race? You might think 428 is a sure thing, but Wii software can be pretty hard to predict in terms of sales. The Wii version of Imabikisou, Chunsoft's last visual novel performed poorly, although to be totally fair, that was a port of a PS3 title.

Actually, the correct answer to the question of which game will come out on top on the 4th is actually none of the above. Dragon Ball Z Infinite World hits on that day and will probably sell 200,000 copies, a figure I have a feeling both Fallout 3 and 428 will have difficulty reaching.

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