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Microsoft to offer movies and anime on Xbox 360 -- Nikkei

Domestic service to begin in 2009.


Microsoft will offer movies and anime for paid download through the Xbox 360 starting in 2009, the Nihon Keizai Shimbun reports in its Thursday morning edition.

Different from the American market, where the 360 has seen movie and television show downloads since 2006, a similar program has yet to start for the system domestically. Microsoft's difficulties here surround complex copyright issues, according to the paper.

The decision to offer media domestically came in part as a response to similar non-gaming offerings on competing platforms, the paper says. Sony began in September offering anime for rental through the PlayStation Store. The Wii will see a download service via WiiWare from Fuji Software some time this month. In addition, the Wii will also be the first recipient of a download service from major broadcasters like TBS and Fuji TV, set to start in 2009.

While the paper did not share specific details on Microsoft's download plans, it did say that the company will be working with domestic download service providers.

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