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Aya Kamiki's new single launches! (and so does Sega's 428)

Around Shibuya on Thursday morning.


Does it bother me that Sega's 428 campaign is 40% an Aya Kamiki campaign?

No, of course not.

Girl knows when to show tongue.

Aya Kamiki is so fine that I'm hoping parliament passes a law requiring that all video game theme songs be sung by her.

[end_preview /]

40% seems to be an accurate ratio for the Aya to 428 presence in all the billboards (feel free to take a ruler to the pics I took around Shibuya the other day). Although now that launch day has come about, things may be leaning towards the Aya side as major retailers scramble to push her new CD single.

The above banner is an ad for the single, which is why the 428 game logo appears in just a tiny patch of yellow. That banner has been placed outside the Tower Records in Shibuya (yes, Tower is still around here -- my friends visiting from America tend to be shocked by this).

Tower also opened up a full register just for the single.

Sega itself appears to have something big planned for later tonight, both for the single and for the game. Here's what I saw just outside the 109:

I imagine Aya herself will be making an appearance. Perhaps at 4:28 PM?

In case you haven't been keeping up with what is the latest Famitsu perfect 40 reviewed games, 428 is a digital novel featuring live action video and photography. It's developed by Chun Soft and is considered a spiritual sequel to Machi (literally "City"), a Sega Saturn title that consistently places high in user top ten best game ever lists.

Many of the promotions for the game have taken place in Shibuya. And with good reason -- the game itself takes place around the Shibuya Station area. This would be like a US developer making a game that takes place in New York's Times Square, or the Town Center area of downtown Milpitas.

I'll be playing the game for a writeup over at IGN at some point, so be sure and check back at IGN Wii.

Oh by the way, you'll recall that I only managed to find 7 of 9 signs from the 428 promotion? Today, I found the last two:

I'm pretty sure this display counts as two. Sega said they'd be placing 9 signs in 7 locations. I already found 6 locations accounting for 7 signs, so the last location has two have two.

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