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Mirror's Edge on the jumbo vision

And Men's Egg in my heart.


I never got around to searching for EA's Faith display (as detailed in this article on the main channel). I was lucky enough to see one Mirror's Edge promotion, though.

Earlier today, somewhere around Shibuya Station, I saw this:

That's a Mirror's Edge spot on one of the lesser jumbo vision displays in Shibuya. It's not one of the three monitors right in front of the station on the 109, but it's still in a pretty visible area.

I'm more impressed with what I saw to the right of that, though:

[end_preview /]

Wow... a magazine called Men's Egg!

The sign describes the publication as "A street magazine for Shibuya-style people." A Shibuya-style guy is... well, exactly those three guys shown in the sign.

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