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Princess Ai manga hits WiiWare on January 6

Sun Books kicks off digital manga downloads shortly.


Sun Denshi announced today that, as part of a tie-up with America's Tokyopop Media, it will distribute a digital version of the Princess Ai Monogatari manga through Nintendo's WiiWare service. This will be the first product from the Sunsoft Books brand that was announced back in June.

Princess Ai Monogatari will be available via the Wii Shopping Channel starting January 6. The first download, consisting of three chapters, will sell for 500 WiiPoints and will include the required viewing software. Subsequent downloads will bundle two episodes without the viewer and will sell for 200 WiiPoints. A total of 15 chapters will be released through the service.

The first download will include the required viewing software.

English speakers will be pleased to learn that the viewing software offers subtitle support for both Japanese and English. For Princess Ai Monogatari, Sun notes that the English subtitles aren't a pure translation, but are based off the English language localization of the manga.

Sunsoft Books is including English and Japanese support for the Princess Ai download.

Outside of Princess Ai, Sun appears to have big plans for digital comic downloads. The firm hopes to offer digital comics to overseas markets. It's also working with Tokyopop on the production of original manga works.

WiiWare may not be the only beneficiary of this service. Sun states that the its viewer app is meant to work with other platforms.

In the original June announcement for the comic service, Sun made mention of an original comic for the service being created by famous manga artist Reiji Matsumoto. Sun's announcement today did not touch upon that project.

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