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Shibuya jacked by 428 and Aya Kamiki

Find out what the two had to say about ChunSoft's latest visual novel


In Japanese, when someone puts a bunch of signs for so-and-so product in such-and-such location, they say such-and-such has been jacked by so-and so.

Shibuya, previously jacked by the likes of Metal Gear Solid 4 and countless games before it, was jacked today by 428.

As suggested in an article from earlier in the day, Sega had a big launch event for 428, which took place in the popular event space outside the famous 109 building and at the nearby Sega GIGO arcade. The event featured appearances both by 428 theme song singer Aya Kamiki and 428 supervisor Ishiijiro.

I was at home, dreaming of Aya, so I missed out on the jacking festivities (well, the public ones anyway -- ho ho!). Famitsu, Dengeki and all the other regulars were in attendance, though, so go to those respective sites for pictures:

I personally recommend the Dengeki article, since their photographer was positioned in such a way that a giant Stop STD sign appears behind Aya-chan.

Here's a bit of what's said in all those articles.

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The 109 part of the event kicked off at 4:28 (cute) with a live performance of the game's theme song, "Sekai ha Soredemo Kawari ha Shinai") by Aya herself. At least 100 gathered outside the 109 event space -- which is a pretty impressive figure since there isn't too much space before people start spilling out into the main walkway. Following her performance, Aya closed things off by saying that she'd work hard to have plenty of CD releases in 2009.

At the GIGO arcade, 428 producer Jiro Ishii was on hand for a signing event. The event was to kick off at 17:00, but the line had already reached the maximum number of participants, 30, by 15:00.

After both events, the two met with the press. Here's some of what the two had to say.

Asked about their feeling now that 428 has launched, Ishiijiro said he was full of joy because this is the first time he's made a title set in Shibuya since 1998's Machi. Aya said she's looking forward to playing the game (she has played the demo version, though).

Asked about his feelings after having first heard the song Aya submitted for the game, Ishijiiro said all the candidate songs she submitted were fantastic, to the point that he'd wanted to use all of them.

Asked about how it felt to perform the live performance, Aya revealed that the decision to do the live was made at the last minute, and they weren't able to get her band together in time. This meant she had to sing by herself, which made her feel "helpless." However, the cheering of her fans cleared that insecurity away.

The two were asked to share some interesting episodes from the shooting of the game.

Ishii recalled the difficulties in shooting the scenes at the Shibuya scramble crossing intersection. These were shot early in the morning when few people pass through. The staff had to time their shoots with the signal changes.

Aya, who has a small role in the game as herself, recalled her shoot taking place early in the morning in a space behind the large Parco department store. Ishii added here that all the people in the background for her scene were all extras. He also revealed that Aya's scenario had been incomplete at the time, forcing the director to explain things as the shoot progressed.

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