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What is Kazunori Yamauchi advising GameOn... on?



Definitely one of the strangest stories of the week was the announcement yesterday by GameOn that Kazunori Yamauchi will be taking an advisory role with the company.

This is strange because Kazunori Yamauchi is no ordinary Japanese person. He's, like super Japanese person. As the father of the Gran Turismo series, he gets to not only test drive new cars before everyone, he gets to share his input on some areas of car design. That would be like Shigeru Miyamoto being asked to design a pipe.

So what in the world is Yamauchi doing advising a company that makes MMORPGs?

4gamer's story on the matter had a little editorial section at the bottom where they noted that Polyphony, which is almost completely focused on Gran Turismo games, doesn't really have the broad experience cited by GameOn in its press release. There's also no apparent connection between the two firms, which is why the story is so odd.

4gamer speculates that perhaps Sony will be using GameOn servers for the next GT game or perhaps GameOn will be bringing MMORPGs to the PlayStation 3.

We'll hopefully find out some time next year.

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